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How many villages are there in Gurgaon?


As per the 2011 Census of Gurgaon, Gurgaon district has 242 villages and Gurgaon Tehsil has 38 villages. Each village has its own charm and history!

Expert Opinion

Arti Jaiman

Founder, Gurgaon Ki Awaaz

The Gurgaon to Gurugram journey

A little under 10 years after the Maruti Suzuki factory was set up in the middle of the mustard fields of Gurgaon, the new urban enclaves of Gurgaon such as Palam Vihar of the Ansals and Qutab Enclave of DLF began to see its early residents move in. [...]

Shikha Gupta

Director, Kalagram

Gurgaon as a Cultural City

Gurgaon is a city of diverse cultures, values, and tastes. And for any city art and culture serve as the sole thread capable of connecting every citizen together transcending cultural or societal differences. [...]

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Manas Fuloria

CEO, Nagarro

Purposeful Organisations

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Mukta Naik

Fellow, CPR

Towards an inclusive GGN

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Interview with Nishant Yadav

Nishant Yadav

DC, Gurgaon

“I am very excited to bring in the new changes in Gurgaon”.

Nishant Kumar Yadav is a 2013 batch Haryana cadre IAS officer has been the DC of Gurugram from the last two years. A chemical engineer, from IIT, Delhi he has served as the DC of Karnal before. His first posting when he became an IAS officer was as sub-divisional magistrate of Sonipat. In a candid interview with Gurgaon First he talks about his challenges and priorities.[...]
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Sunil Harsana

Founder, Mangar Eco Club

Sunil Harsana, a homegrown conservationist and the driving force behind the Mangar Eco Club, has devoted the past decade to safeguarding Mangar Bani, a vital green expanse in Gurgaon. Spanning 3,810 hectares, including more than 700 acres sacred grove of Mangar Bani, this forest is home to diverse flora and fauna, serving as a crucial watershed for Gurugram and Faridabad, and thereby playing a pivotal role in mitigating the environmental challenges faced by India's congested capital. [...]
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Do you know?
Sector Overview

Poor air quality is a major health risk. Solutions include focus on sustainable modes of transportation, transitioning to non-polluting vehicles and fuels and better enforcement…

Air pollution poses a severe global health risk, with India at the forefront, hosting 39 of the world’s 50 most polluted cities. The World Air Quality Report 2022 ranks India as the eighth most polluted country, with PM2.5 levels averaging 53.3 micrograms per cubic meter, exceeding WHO’s recommended levels. Delhi, India’s capital, is one of the ten most […]

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NGO Highlight


About Agrasar
Agrasar is an organization dedicated to working with disadvantaged communities, particularly focusing […]

Employability, Education & Entrepreneurship among the migrant communities

Agrasar Bachpan, Eliminating Corporal Punishment, Enhanced Social Security […]
Success Stories
Impact over 30,000 migrant workers annually through 6 centers, facilitating access to social security schemes and enhancing their capacities in collaboration with stakeholders. […]
  • Prerit Rana – CEO and Co- founder
  • Sakshi Sharma – Lead, Quality
Agrasar NGO: Working for the disadvantaged

Sustainability Project

Sikanderpur watershed and forest trail

Sustainability Project Highlight

Sikanderpur Watershed

Developed by
Gurgaon Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) and I Am Gurgaon
Project Brief

In the vicinity of Gurgaon-Faridabad Road lies an 80-acre expanse that was once a picturesque village adorned with lush greenery and a glistening pond.

However, neglect and waste marred the beauty of this area, particularly tarnishing the once pristine pond.

In collaboration with the Gurgaon Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) and Surge, I am Gurgaon embarked on a mission to restore and enhance this precious natural habitat.

Through concerted efforts, supported by corporate entities like IndiGo, Carlson, PNB Gilts Ltd, Fluor Corporation, Tower Research Capital, and Forest Rewilding partner Vijay Dhasmana, the transformation began.

The pond underwent a thorough cleansing, welcoming back its native flora and fauna.

Today, it stands as a serene retreat for the people of Gurgaon, offering a tranquil space for relaxation, strolls, and cycling.

Furthermore, this revitalized area plays a crucial role in rainwater harvesting, mitigating the risk of flooding and waterlogging during the monsoon season. […]

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Welcome to Gurgaon First

Where our passion lies in fostering sustainability, promoting good governance practices, and empowering all stakeholders to shape a better Gurgaon. At Gurgaon First, we believe in creating a platform for collaboration and action to address critical issues and improve awareness through the sharing of information, knowledge and best practices.[…]

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Our mission is to act as a catalyst for positive change by bringing together individuals, organisations and communities and fostering collaboration. We hope to empower individuals, organizations and communities to drive positive change in our city.

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Our vision is to contribute to the development of a safe, sustainable, empowered, and inclusive Gurgaon.

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