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Sunil Harsana

Founder, Mangar Eco Club

Sunil Harsana, a homegrown conservationist and the driving force behind the Mangar Eco Club, has devoted the past decade to safeguarding Mangar Bani, a vital green expanse in Gurgaon. Spanning 3,810 hectares, including more than 700 acres sacred grove of Mangar Bani, this forest is home to diverse flora and fauna, serving as a crucial watershed for Gurugram and Faridabad, and thereby playing a pivotal role in mitigating the environmental challenges faced by India’s congested capital. Sunil’s tireless endeavors encompass a spectrum of activities, including leading educational nature walks, involving local youth through the eco club, documenting biodiversity, and advocating for the forest’s preservation.

Despite encountering formidable obstacles such as illegal logging and encroachments, Sunil remains steadfast in his mission. He believes that heightened awareness and comprehensive documentation will propel Mangar Bani towards official recognition as a protected forest, shielding it from the encroachment of urbanization. Sunil collaborates with diverse stakeholders, ranging from villagers to civic groups and governmental bodies, to spotlight the environmental significance of Mangar Bani.

His advocacy initiatives range from reporting illicit activities to constructing check dams to helping curb soil erosion, and from raising awareness about the imperative of regulating land-use alterations in the surrounding environs. Sunil’s holistic approach seamlessly integrates environmental education, community mobilisation, and grassroots activism. It underscores his unwavering resolve to conserving this ecological treasure and fostering a sustainable future for the region.