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Grow your own Fruits and Vegetables

Gurgaonites is experimenting with urban agriculture for a chemical-free, healthy produce.

  1. In 2016, the Horticulture Department of Gurgaon took over 27 acres of farmland in Bhondsi from a third party, leasing it out to individuals seeking weekend farming opportunities. Interested residents can apply to the horticulture office in Gurgaon for leasing small plots of land. The programme is currently running on a membership basis at a monthly charge for 600 square yards of land. The initiative has seen moderate success, with several city dwellers cultivating vegetables and fruits on the farmland.

Gurugram | Horticulture Department, Government of Haryana (hortharyana.gov.in)

  • Several farm and dairy start-ups are on the rise in Gurgaon. These include hydroponics projects that grow tomatoes, European cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, basil, parsley, and rosemary without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The water that is used to grow the plants is nutrient rich and is recycled back into the plants constantly, thus reducing water wastages.  All the marketing is via word-of-mouth and WhatsApp groups.
  • The Gurgaon’s chapter of All India Kitchen Garden Association (AIKGA) is also very active. Its members meet once a month and often call experts to various topics related to gardening such as seasonal plants, soil, seeds etc. Many of them have used their gardens, terraces and balconies to grow plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Contact No for AIKGA, Gurgaon Chapter 

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