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From Our Desk

Our journey began in 2012, which coincided with the first municipal council elections in Gurgaon. It was a time when the city was witnessing quite a bit of transformation, presenting both opportunities and challenges.

This “churn” set the stage for us as we went about conducting a number of workshops, roundtables and conclaves on bringing stakeholders together to discuss on issues that needed collective action. Along the way, we also published a few handbooks.   

The objective of this platform is to continue to bring together progressive communities to foster collaboration and positive action.

We believe that improved information sharing and exchange can spur active citizenship, where residents are more engaged and involved in the city’s affairs.Besides, there is a need to raise awareness about critical issues and facilitate collaboration between different stakeholders, including the administration and forward-thinking voices in the community. In doing so, it’s important to ensure that both old and new aspects of the city can coexist harmoniously.

Gurgaon has a significant talent pool, including immigrants who bring diverse knowledge and wisdom. If this talent is leveraged well, we can find innovative and effective solutions to several city-centric issues. Last but not the least, we must inspire and involve the younger generation of Gurgaon in this journey of engagement and collaboration to ensure sustainable future.

We hope this platform will serve as a dynamic hub, empowering communities in Gurgaon to work together towards a more inclusive, equitable, and sustainable future.

Shubhra Puri

Gurgaon First