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Office and Departments

The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon

Function: Urban local body
The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) is the civic body entrusted with the administration and governance of Gurgaon. It was formed in 2008 and has 36 wards each headed by an elected councilor. The Mayor is the functional head of MCG while the Chairperson (a Haryana Civil Service officer) is the executive head of the body. As a civic entity, the MCG plays a central role in the management and development of Gurgaon, working to enhance the quality of life and provide essential public services to the residents of the city. Some of the departments under MCG include health and sanitation including waste management, municipal parks, infrastructure works, city budgeting, fire safety, tax including property tax and land use and licensing.Website: www.mcg.gov.in

Gurgaon Metropolitan Development Authority

Function: Planning, infrastructure development
The Gurgaon Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) was set up in 2017 under the ambit of the Haryana Metropolitan Development Authorities Act. It has an ambitious mandate: to develop a vision for the continued, sustained, and balanced growth of the Gurgaon Metropolitan Area. This involves enhancing the quality of life and ensuring a reasonable standard of living for residents through the generation of employment opportunities. Additionally, it aims to provide integrated and coordinated planning, infrastructure development, urban amenities, mobility management, and sustainable management of the urban environment.  To be sure, the GMDA is also responsible for managing master services like the city’s water supply, main sewage lines, and arterial roads. Over the last few years, GMDA has been involved with development of the Dwarka Expressway, the Metro Rapid Transit System (MRTS), and the implementation of the Gurgaon Integrated Transport Management System (GITMS).

Website: www.gmda.gov.in 

Deputy Commissioner’s Office

Function: District administration

The Deputy Commissioner’s Office holds the highest administrative authority in Gurgaon It is responsible for effective administration and the overall welfare of the district. This encompasses maintaining law and order, overseeing the judicial processes, managing the recovery of dues, addressing environmental concerns, responding to natural calamities, coordinating census work, facilitating the renewal of arms licences, issuing driving licences, exercising control over panchayats, extending assistance in flood relief operations, and facilitating Aadhaar card-related matters. The DC acts as a crucial link between the government and the people, ensuring the effective implementation of government policies and programs in the district.

Website: www.gurugram.gov.in

Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran

Function: Urban development  
Set up in 1977, the Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran (HSVP) – previously known as the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) – has developed land in Haryana for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial purposes. The authority’s primary objective has been to bring up urban centres. HSVP’s influence in Haryana’s urban landscape is substantial, with a significant role in the development of major cities. It now has a limited role to play in Gurgaon and Faridabad, which now have their distinct metropolitan development authorities. The funding for HSVP’s initiatives is sourced from various channels, including revenue generated from land sales, government grants, and user charges.

Website: www.hsvphry.org.in

Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation 

Function: Industrial and Infrastructure Development
Established in 1967, the corporation has been set up to develop industrial infrastructure in the state and industry townships for growth of industry in the state. The infrastructural assets developed by HSIIDC comprise of industrial estates, industrial model townships, cluster parks and so on. Haryana presently has 36 Industrial Model Townships (IMTs) including IMT Manesar and IMT Sohna near Gurgaon. The corporation functions under the aegis of the Department of Industries and Commerce, Government of Haryana.

Website: www.hsiidc.org.in

The Haryana Environment Protection Council

Function: Environment and Pollution Reduction
The Haryana Environmental Protection Council (HEPC), established in 2006 and headquartered in Chandigarh, serves as an advisory committee to the Ministry of Environment within the Government of Haryana. Its inception was a response to the environmental deterioration in the state. Through the guidance of the HEPC, the Haryana government has undertaken various initiatives including the implementation of the Electric Vehicle (EV) Policy, the Gurgaon-Manesar Green Corridor Project, the Gurgaon Air Pollution Control Plan, and the Gurgaon Water Pollution Control Plan.

Website: www.harenvironment.gov.in 

Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam

Function: Power Distribution
Headquartered in Hisar, Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam (DHBVN) is the government-owned power distribution company, that distributes electricity in Gurgaon. DHBVN’s operational jurisdiction spans across 10 districts in South Haryana, encompassing Ambala, Kurukshetra, Panipat, Yamunanagar, Karnal, Kaithal, Sonipat, Rohtak, Jhajjar, and Mahendragarh. The company’s service area caters to approximately 1.5 crore consumers. It is providing essential electricity services to a significant portion of Haryana’s populace. The utility has taken several measures to modernize infrastructure, improve capacity and customer service in Gurgaon that contributes a significant part to its revenue.

Website: www.dhbvn.org.in

Gurgaon Police

Function: Law and Order

The police force responsible for law enforcement in the city of Gurgaon is headed by the Commissioner of Police, who is an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer. The Gurgaon Police is divided into four districts: East, West, South, and Manesar. Each district is headed by a Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP). The Gurgaon Police also has a number of specialised units, including the Crime Branch, Economic Offences Wing, Traffic Police, and Cyber Police. There are four women police stations also in the district. “Gurgaon Police App” to make it easier for citizens to access police services. The app allows citizens to report crimes, file complaints, and track the status of their cases. The Gurgaon Police has also launched a new initiative called “Police Mitra”, under which police personnel have been assigned to specific areas to interact with the public and address their concerns. 

Website: www.gurgaon.haryanapolice.gov.in

Haryana State Pollution Control Board

Function: Prevention and control of pollution

The Haryana Pollution Control Board (HPCB) is a statutory body for prevention and control of pollution in the state. It enforces rules, environment standards and issues notifications It looks into water and air pollution, bio-medical waste, hazardous waste and solid waste etc. It also issues pollution certificates for various commercial and residential projects. It has launched an online consent management and monitoring system for industries and other polluting units.  The HPCB is also working to reduce pollution from vehicles including facilitating introduction of BS-VI emission standards and the promotion of electric vehicles. 

Website: www.hspcb.org.in

Key Departments

Directorate of Urban Local bodies

Function: Urban Development

It is responsible for providing a policy framework for urban development in Haryana and facilitating the working of urban local bodies. All municipal corporations, municipal committees and municipal councils of the state come under this department. The department has initiated the Haryana Urban Development Programme (HUDP) to enhance and upgrade the quality of life in urban areas. It as participated in the nationwide Smart Cities Mission. The ULBD has focused on enhancing sanitation and hygiene standards within Haryana’s urban areas through initiatives like the Swachh Bharat Mission.

Website: www. ulbharyana.gov.in

Haryana Forest Department

Function: Conservation of forest, wild life, biodiversity
The Haryana Forest Department is responsible for the protection, conservation, and management of forests in the state of Haryana. Headquartered in Panchkula, it oversees many protected areas including two national parks and 8 wild life sanctuaries, four animal and bird breeding centres, one deer park and 49 herbal parks. Its mission is to conserve the biodiversity of forest and wildlife of the state. It is also working to promote ecotourism in the state. The department has developed a number of ecotourism destinations, such as the Sultanpur National Park and the Kalesar National Park. 

Website: haryanaforest.gov.in

Directorate of Elementary Education

Function: Administration of School Education

This Directorate looks into the issues pertaining to elementary education, secondary education, teachers training, sanskrit education, computer education, special education and mass education in the state. 

Website: www.harprathmik.gov.in

Directorate of Secondary Education

Function: Administration of secondary education

Directorate of Secondary Education (DSE) is a government agency that is responsible for the administration and supervision of secondary education in the state of Haryana, India. The DSE is headquartered in Panchkula, Haryana.  DSE is working on are Nipun Haryana program that aims to ensure that all children in the state achieve foundational literacy and numeracy by the end of Grade 3. It is also overseeing the Aarohi Model Schools program aimed at transforming government secondary schools into high-performing schools. Besides this, its 280 Pedagogy Plan aims to improve the quality of teaching and learning in secondary schools. 

Website: www.schooleducationharyana.gov.in

Government Schools and Colleges

  • There are two government colleges in Gurgaon. These are Dronacharya Government College, Gurgaon (www. dgcgurgaon.ac.in) and Government College for Girls, Sector-14, Gurgaon. (www.gcggn.ac.in). 

Department of State Transport (Haryana Roadways)

Function: Administration of Transport 
Haryana Roadways has an extensive fleet of over 4,000 buses. Its network connects all major destinations within Haryana and extends its services to neighbouring states like Delhi, Punjab, and Rajasthan. Haryana Roadways Engineering Corporation. It has bus fleet being operated by 24 depots, each headed by a General Manager, and 13 sub-depots functioning under the depot concerned. Buses popularly known as ‘Haryana Shakti’ embedded with BS VI norms have been introduced in Haryana Roadways. The Haryana Roadways operates under the purview of the Haryana Roadways Engineering Corporation, headquartered in Gurgaon, further enhancing the state’s infrastructure and transportation capabilities.

Website: www.hartrans.gov.in

Health Department

Function: Administration of Health

The Health Department also known as the National Health Mission (NHM) Gurgaon, aims to provide accessible and equitable healthcare services to the residents of Gurugram. There are civil Hospitals, community health centres, primary health centres, health sub-centres, polyclinics, dispensaries and urban health centres in the state. NHM Gurgaon operates under the guidance of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. Its goal is to improve the quality of life and health of all citizens in Gurugram, with a particular focus on the underprivileged and vulnerable groups.

Website: www.healthdepartmentgurgaon.org

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