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Sikanderpur watershed and forest trail

In the vicinity of Gurgaon-Faridabad Road lies an 80-acre expanse that was once a picturesque village adorned with lush greenery and a glistening pond. However, neglect and waste marred the beauty of this area, particularly tarnishing the once pristine pond. In collaboration with the Gurgaon Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) and Surge, IAmGurgaon embarked on a mission to restore and enhance this precious natural habitat. Through concerted efforts, supported by corporate entities like IndiGo, Carlson, PNB Gilts Ltd, Fluor Corporation, Tower Research Capital, and Forest Rewilding partner Vijay Dhasmana, the transformation began. The pond underwent a thorough cleansing, welcoming back its native flora and fauna. Today, it stands as a serene retreat for the people of Gurgaon, offering a tranquil space for relaxation, strolls, and cycling. Furthermore, this revitalized area plays a crucial role in rainwater harvesting, mitigating the risk of flooding and waterlogging during the monsoon season.