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Organic farming takes care of the planet.

The Gurgaon Organic Farmers Market (GOFM) stands as a distinctive initiative, fostering connections among local organic farmers, producers, entrepreneurs, and consumers, with the aim of fostering a healthy and sustainable community. GOFM advocates for a lifestyle that prioritises natural, chemical-free food, considering it not as a privilege but as a fundamental right. Since its inception in 2014, GOFM has been facilitating weekly markets that serve as a platform for organic farmers, producers, and retailers to converge.

At these markets, attendees have the opportunity to engage with authentic farmers, organic experts, gardening specialists, health and fitness enthusiasts, and other environmentally conscious individuals. GOFM maintains an online presence through its website – gofmonline.in – as well as a Facebook page.

The weekly market is organised every Sunday Morning Between 8 and11am. in DLF Phase IV and Phase V Club.

Contact person: Manas Arvind@ 9318362010

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