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Waste Management in Gurgaon

Jul 5, 2013. The workshop had 4 distinct sessions. These are
a) How serious is Gurgaon’s waste management problem?
b) Interaction with the Authorities
c) Solutions and Way Forward, and;
d) Success Stories from Outside.

The workshop was attended by companies such as Deshwal e-waste, Excel Industries, Sulabh, Antony Waste, Intertek, Tetrapak, Dell, as well as municipalities of Gurgaon, Faridabad, Ahmedabad and Delhi as well as senior officials from Central and State Pollution Control Board.

Several progressive RWAs of Gurgaon, schools, residents and NGOs of Gurgaon also participated in the workshop. For Gurgaon to become a smart and sustainable city, it must have an efficient waste management strategy that focuses on recycling and reuse. It needs to identify and designate waste disposal sites, get waste recycling projects up to speed and haul up the entire waste management process. Some of the issues that were discussed at length were updates on upcoming C&D waste recycling plant, working of Bandhwari plant, encouragement of waste segregation at local level, use of better contracting systems and technology for waste works as well as progressive solutions and way forward. Mr CR Kharsan, Deputy Municipal Commissioner from Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation discussed how his city is aiming to become a zero waste city.

Different stakeholders of Gurgaon came together to discuss crucial issues and solutions with respect to adopting an Integrated Waste Management Strategy for Gurgaon. The event was sponsored by waste management Hitachi Zosen and Jyoti Build Tech Pvt. Limited.

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