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Smart Mobility

Nov 30, 2016, Gurgaon / Gurgaon First organised a workshop on “Smart Mobility Solutions for NCR” at Auditiorium, SOIL, Gurgaon. The workshop was attended by 120 delegates from various transport companies, Ministry of Urban Development and Road transport, transport planning departments, transport experts and urban experts as well as NGOs in the transport sector.

Traffic and Transport is one of the most “in the face” urban issues. Road travel has increasingly become longer, unsafe chaotic and stressful. Public transport has limited use due to lack of seamless last mile connectivity options. There is a growing realisation that public transport and non-motorised transport (walk and cycle) should form the core of any mobility plan for cities. It is about moving people and not cars. Road widening and building flyovers are capital intensive projects and cannot be the only solutions. What is also needed are smart policy interventions and technology and innovative solutions that help in regulating traffic, improving road capacities and providing last mile solutions. Many such initiatives in the private domain are already charting a success story.

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