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Revamping Gurgaon’s Electricity Sector

Media Invite for Tomorrow’s Event on Electricity /Feb 20/Palms- Susnat Lok I Gurgaon Gurgaon pays one of the highest rates of electricity in the country, yet its power suffers severely with quality and reliability issues. To be sure, the grid price of the electricity is hovering around Rs 6 per unit, and when mixed with the back-up DG Set power which costs Rs 12 per unit, electricity costs for both residential and industrial consumers are hitting the roof.

Why can’t Gurgaon enjoy cheaper and more reliable power like Delhi? Why can’t at least some areas of Gurgaon be given away to private operators under the franchisee mode. Besides, Gurgaon has been selected as a “solar city” by the centre but very little action has happened on this front. Also, Gurgaon has been left out of the Smart Grid pilot project initiative.

Such issues formed the basis of the workshop “Revamping Gurgaon’s Electricity Sector” held in Palms, Sushant Lok–I, Gurgaon. The workshop has been organised by Gurgaon First, a city-based citizens#39; initiative in collaboration with Gurgaon Renewal Mission.

The workshop will begin at 9:30 am sharp. It has four sessions

  • Key Issues and Priorities
  • Electricity Trading Possibilities
  • Smart Grids and Use of Technologies for Operational Turnaround
  • Encouraging Solar

The workshop will have top-notch speakers from the Ministry of Power, Ministry of Non Conventional and Renewable Energy, private distribution companies, transmission companies, technology companies, solar and private energy companies.  In delegates, it has a diverse group from corporates, RWAs, Gurgaon’s task force members, industrial electricity users, NGOs as well as electricity consultants.

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