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Launch of Gurgaon’s Solar Book

Gurgaon First has launched “Gurgaon Handbook on Solar 2015-16” with the aim of facilitating the growth of solar in Gurgaon. The 120-page book is quite comprehensive. It provides-an overview of Solar Power in India, Haryana’s Solar Policies, a directory of the over 500 Solar Players and a Directory of Gurgaon’s key stakeholder segments.

At the launch event, a first of its kind MoU was signed between Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd (PGCIL) and Nirvana Country RWA. As per the MoU, PGCIL has been appointed as a solar consultant for Nirvana RWA for solar generation, integration and energy efficiency. PGCIL will help in creating the detailed project report, preparation of bid document, invitation of bids as well as finalisation of contract. This should hopefully encourage other RWAs in Gurgaon to follow suit.

Speaking on the occasion, TL Satyaprakash, said “This is an extremely satisfying moment for me to see civil society and corporate come together for common good. It is not just solar energy, it is a smarter approach towards building a smart and clean Gurgaon.”

On signing the MOU, PGCIL, Finance Director Mr T R Aggarwal said, “Power Grid has its corporate office in Gurgaon. We are glad that we are making a contribution in making Gurgaon a smart city”. Nirvana RWA President SanuKapilla said, “It is indeed a historic moment for us. With conventional power prices on the hike, and rising pollution, we need to move towards a smart and sustainable solutions.

Speaking on the launch of the handbook, ShubhraPuri, Founder, Gurgaon First said, “This is the first time an exclusive handbook on solar has been done for any city. Our objective is to see that solar becomes a commodity just like any other consumer durable product.”

Gurgaon’s electricity need is rising steeply. A significant part of this need is met through polluting and high-price diesel. With large buildings and enough number of sunny days, Gurgaon is ideally placed to exploit the goodness of solar.  The new solar policy by the Haryana government announced in September 2014 promotes the growth of solar in the state. The state has also made it mandatory for all buildings of 500 square yards or more to install rooftop solar power systems by September 15, 2015. Gurgaon’s households, condominiums, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, malls, schools can opt for rooftop solar in a big way. These buildings can not only reduce their dependence on grid power and diesel, the adoption can also help reduce electricity bills over time.

Some of the dignitaries present at the launch of the Handbook were Mr T L Satyaprakash (DC, Gurgaon), Mr RT Aggarwal Director-Finance, PGCIL, DrSubir Sen, GM-PGCIL, MrShirish S Garud, Director, TERI, Mr Rajesh Kumar (Deputy Director-General, National Institute of Solar Energy, Gurgaon) as well as SanuKapilla, President, Nirvana RWA.