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Annual RWA Conclave 2017

Media Release September 07, 2017, Progressive Solutions and RWA Empowerment Discussed in Annual RWA Conclave 2017, About 150 delegates from across a cross section of RWAs in Gurugram came together for an annual RWA conclave organised by Gurgaon First and MCG. The Conclave talked about issues relating to RWA empowerment as well as progressive solutions that RWAs can undertake in the areas of solar installation as well as water and waste management.

RWAs represent the “last mile governance”. RWAs role begins virtually where government role ends be it fixing local drains, security and street lights. It is therefore imperative that they be connected to the governance mechanism, feel empowered and have enough capacity and talent to steer their colonies or societies to becoming islands of excellence in security, infrastructure and sustainable initiatives.

The workshop had three sessions. The first session was on Solar where speakers and panellist talked about the roadblocks in solar installation in common areas as well as individual households. Haryana has a very progressive solar policy and Gurugram gets very good solar radiation, but despite that only 18 MW of solar rooftops are installed in the city.

The second session was on water and waste management. Progressive waste solutions such as segregation of waste for composting and recycling were discussed. Eco Green Energy Pvt Ltd that has won the award for waste management in the city also made a presentation about its plans and objectives in waste management. Progressive water solutions related to water security and water efficiency including rainwater harvesting were also discussed.

Mr N Bangar additional commissioner from Municipal Corporation of Gurugram was present to take questions from the attending audience. The lead sponsor of the event was Renew Power Ventures Ltd, while the associate sponsor was Eco Green Energy Pvt Ltd and Acme Cleantech Solutions Ltd