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Sanitation byelaws for waste management

Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) has drafted the city’s first set of sanitation byelaws for sustainable
waste management. The proposed regulations prepared under the ambit of Solid Waste Management Rules
2016 aim to address various aspects of waste management, including segregation, collection, transportation,
processing, and disposal. The draft establishes a framework for monitoring and enforcement byelaws and
outline penalties for non-compliance. Additionally, the regulations define any establishment with an area over
5,000 square meters or generating 50 kg of waste per day as a bulk waste generator. The draft has been
uploaded on MCG’s website online in March and RWAs and other residents have been asked to submit
suggestions. It may be noted that about 2,200 metric tonnes of waste is generated daily in Gurgaon.
The proposed regulations emphasise segregating waste into seven distinct categories at the source. These
include biodegradable (wet) waste, non-biodegradable (dry) waste, sanitary and medical waste, domestic
hazardous waste, construction and demolition waste, electrical and electronic waste, and bulk garden and
horticulture waste. Only 28% of waste is currently being sorted at its origin, according to MCG.

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