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Tackling Gurgaon’s Water Crisis

Gurgaon is facing a serious water problem. The city has no natural sources of water and ground water reserves are fast depleting.
Another issue is that water is still not metered in Gurgaon. Unmetered supply is leading to low priority given by consumers to this precious resource and hence there is rampant mismanagement and wastages.
Besides, water supply and distribution infrastructure in the city needs to be revamped. There are leakages in pipes that lead to loss of water.
While water is in short supply for residents, it is being illegally supplied to builders who need water in large quantities. There has been a blanket ban on digging borewells in 2007 and another ban of groundwater
extraction; but both embargoes are flouted time and again.
Besides, there is very little focus on water conservation, recycle and reuse. Rainwater harvesting has been made mandatory in 2012, yet very little water is being saved and collected through this means. Recycling of
sewage water and its use in construction should be encouraged. Both these measures if strictly adhered to,
will help increase the ground water levels. Gurgaon needs to retain and revive water bodies ( “johads”) to not only help store water but also contribute
towards making the city green and environment friendly.
Finally, people who live in villages in and around Gurgaon do not have access to safe and adequate water. This issue also needs to be addressed expeditiously.

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