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About Gurgaon First

Gurugram is one of the fastest-growing cities in north India. Fast-paced development has led to several issues concerning sustainability and governance.

Gurgaon First is an initiative for positive change focused on issues relating to sustainability, good governance women safety and empowerment in Gurugram. Launched in 2012, the initiative aims to highlight issues, suggest solutions, and showcase progress in an effort to improve both the living and working experiences of citizens in the city of Gurugram through conferences/conclaves/ workshops as well as research/publishing. Specifically, some issues that we focus on are smart and sustainable city, sustainable transportation, water and waste management, electricity management, solar energy, green buildings, eco-green initiatives, improving city governance, women’s safety and youth empowerment.


To establish a Sustainable, Empowered and Inclusive Gurugram.


To become a credible source of information, expert opinion and research house for Gurugram through conducting relevant workshops and research initiatives in the area of Sustainability, Good Governance and Women Safety.

Our Work

  • Sustainability – A sustainable city is a city that proactively and progressively works to reduce its carbon footprint by using its resources effectively. Fast-paced development has taken a severe toll on Gurugram’s sustainability. The city has a long way to go to improve the groundwater level, save its forest cover, improve air quality, enforce energy efficiency standards, become a solar-powered, city ensure sustainable transport, and build sustainable social infrastructure, among other things.
  • Good Governance – Improving local governance is the single most important step to solving most of the city’s woes. Gurugram generates over 60 percent of Haryana’s state revenues but does not get a fair share for its own development. Gurugram is plagued by multiplicity of authorities leading to uncoordinated development. Ideally, a single apex body should be responsible for Gurugram’s planning and development. There is merit in empowering the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram. However, Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority has been proposed to be set up for better governance.
  • Women Safety – For women, the right to live, work, move around and participate in the city’s activities is premised on their feeling of safety. Lack of safety prevents women from exploiting their full potential as mothers, employees, and citizens. With a large number of women coming in and out of the city every day to work and a rapidly increasing resident population, Gurugram is prone to many crimes and violence against women. At GF, we focus on women safety both in Public Spaces and at Work Places. Besides this, we have a special window “SASHAKT” to assist companies to be compliant with the provisions of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Places (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013.
  • Empowerment – Empowering different stakeholders of Gurugram (e.g, Gurugram Schools, Gurugram RWAs and Gurugram Youth) by highlighting their issues and attempting to find solutions has also been a focus area.

Workshops Conducted by Gurgaon First

  1. Gurgaon as a Smart City – Sept 2012
  2. Finding  Traffic Solutions for Gurgaon-Nov 2012
  3. Making  Gurgaon a Safer Place for Women –Jan 2013
  4. Revamping  Gurgaon’s Electricity Sector –Feb 2013
  5. Joie-De-Vivre- International Women’s Day- Mar 2013
  6. Promoting  Green Buildings in Gurgaon  -May 2013
  7. Thought Leadership workshop- Discovering  the Happiness Within – Jun 2013
  8. Waste Management in Gurgaon – Jul 2013.
  9. Empowering  Local Bodies – Sept 2013
  10. Tackling Gurgaon’s Water Crisis – Oct 2013
  11. RWA. Conclave: Solutions for Common Good – Oct 2013
  12. Women Safety in Public and Work Places –Jan 2014
  13. Parenting workshop -What Does It Take To Bring Out The Best In You And Your Child – Mar 2014
  14. The Urban Conundrum –May 2014
  15. Josh Gurgaon-2014 – Sept 2014
  16. Eco Green Initiatives- Sustainable Solutions For City Homes And Offices – Dec 2014
  17. Energising  Gurgaon Through Solar – Feb 2015
  18. Launch of Gurgaon’s Exclusive Handbook on Solar – May 2015
  19. RWA Solar Meet with District Administration – May 2015
  20. Parenting Book launch and discussion on Mindful Parenting – Aug 2015
  21. Launch of Haryana First – A Farmer Direct Initiative – Aug 2015
  22. Getting Started on Energy Management and Solar – Sept 2015
  23. Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Work Places – Sept 2015
  24. Worker’s Safety In The Automobile Sector – Sept 2015
  25. Net Metering For Growth in Solar – Apr 2016
  26. Going Green- Simple Steps Forward – Aug 2016
  27. RWA Conclave – Sep 2016
  28. Making Women Safe at Public And Work Places – Oct 2016
  29. Smart Mobility Workshop –Nov 2016
  30. School’s Conclave – Dec 2016
  31. Women’s Day – Mar 2017
  32. Launch of Gurugram Handbook for Waste Management under Swachh Bharat Mission- Mar 2017
  33. Gurugram Environment Conclave- Jun 2017
  34. Building Framework for Sustainable Education In India – July 2017
  35. Roundtable On Scaling up Solar Installations in Gurugram – Aug 2017
  36. Annual RWA Conclave – Oct 2017
  37. Tackling Deteriorating Air Quality in Gurugram – Nov 2017
  38. Roundtable on Next Steps in Waste Management in Gurugram – Dec 2017
  39. Roundtable on Growth in Solar in Gurugram – Mar 2017
  40. Becoming Waste Wise Workshop- Nov 2018
  41. Launch of Civil Society Organisations Handbook and Swachhta Anthem -Jan 2019
  42. Debunking Myths Workshop- June 2019

About the Founder

Shubhra Puri is the Founder of Gurgaon First, an initiative that encourages sustainability, good governance practices and women safety in Gurugram through workshops, research and handbooks. An MBA, Shubhra has over 20 years of experience in research and writing, especially on matters related to the infrastructure sector. She started her career as a journalist with The Economic Times and was Editor-content at Power Line and India Infrastructure, India’s leading power sector and infrastructure magazines. She writes extensively in the media on issues concerning Gurugram. In October 2016, she spoke at a TEDx event in Gurugram on the topic “Tracing the mind of influencers” as a “Social Innovator”. Shubhra is a member of the advisory committee of Local Complaints Committee, Gurugram set up by the district administration under the Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Places Act 2013.  She is also a member of the “One Stop Centre for Women” (Sakhi) management committee of district Gurugram. In January 2109, she produced a Swachhta Anthem for Gurugram called “Swachhta Ki Dhoom” for the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram.

Shubhra’s Select Articles in Media

Our Workshop Videos

Jingle Created by Gurgaon First for GuruJal Project on Saving Water

Video snippet of Gurgaon First’s waste training workshop on “Becoming Waste Wise”

Video snippet of Waste Training workshop”Becoming Waste Wise”

Video Snippet of Gurgaon First’s Workshop on “Going Green”

Video Snippet of Gurgaon First’s “Book Launch on Waste Management”

Video Snippet of Gurgaon First’s Workshop on “Smart City”

Video Snippet of Gurgaon First’s Workshop on “Making Women Safe”

Video Snippet of Gurgaon First’s ANNUAL RWA Conclave 2016

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